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ENWL (Electricity North West) company from Manchester , United Kingdom, signed the contract with Schneider Electric  in Q1 2015 concerning the detailed design and complete deployment of ADMS (SCADA/DMS/OMS) Software in ENWL’s premises. ENWL owns, operates and maintains the North West’s electricity distribution network, delivering more than 23 terawatt hours of electricity per year to 2,400,000 electrical customers throughout the distribution network comprising: 13,000 km of overhead lines and 44,000 km of underground cables with 86,000 switchgears and more than 34,000 transformers.

In March 2015, Trefor A/S (from Kolding, Denmark) and Schneider Electric signed the contract concerning the delivery of ADMS (SCADA/DMS/OMS) system to 2 Trefor’s data centers. Using ADMS Trefor will seamlessly manage  their distribution network and secure continuous supply to all 135,000 electrical  consumers.

In May 2015, CEPALCO (Cagayan Electric Power and Light Co., Inc.) from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines started with the implementation of Schneider Electric ADMS (SCADA/DMS/OMS) solution. CEPALCO delivers energy to 130,000 electrical consumers.