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Year 2015 started very successfully for SE DMS NS regarding achieved project milestones:

Factory Acceptance Testing was executed (pending customer sign-off) on the following projects:

  • E.ON Viesgo, company E.ON Viesgo, Santander, Spain (March 2015);
  • SEIL – Bihar, company Bihar State Electricity, India (May 2015).

Site Acceptance Testing successfully completed (signed-off by customer) on the following projects:

  • ADMS EVNB, Transformer Asset (EVNB2), company EVN Bulgaria, Bulgaria (February 2015), which also went live in the meantime
  • CFE Puebla, company Federal Electricity Commission, Mexico(March 2015);
  • ELCE Phase 4, company Elektro Celje, Slovenia (March 2015), which also went live in the meantime
  • Fortum, company Fortum, Sweden (May 2015)
  • MEER, company Ministerio de Electricidad y Energía Renovable ,Ecuador (January 2015)

Site Acceptance Testing was executed (pending customer sign-off) for the following projects:

  • Actew AGL, company ActewAGL Distribution, Australia (March 2015)
  • University of Michigan Upgrade, company University of Michigan, USA (June 2015),

Several projects went live:

  • SAPN Phase 1, company SA Power Networks, Australia (January 2015) – with final acceptance
  • DONG Energy, company DONG Energy, Denmark (March 2015)
  • Unison, company Unison Networks Ltd., New Zealand (March 2015) – with final acceptance
  • Nova Scotia Power, company Nova Scotia Power, Canada (April 2015)

There were also final acceptances of the system on the following projects:

  • GPC Development II, Guizhou Power Company, China (January 2015)
  • HONI Ph1R1 – Maintenance, company Hydro One Networks Incorporated, Canada (March 2015)
  • Ryerson University Smart Grid Lab, company Ryerson University Centre for urban Energy, Canada (March 2015)
  • PECO Energy, Philadelphia Electric Company, USA (March 2015)

On the following projects, such as: APS Phase 1, Arizona Public Service Company, USA and CLECO, company CLECO Corporation, USA, design phases are successfully completed.

For more information about ADMS references, please see SEDMS SW short overview May 2015