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CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA- Schneide Electric DMS have successfully finalized negotiations with our long-term partner and client ActewAGL related to design of our existing ADMS solution upgrade from delivered 3.4 version to new 3.8 version. ActewAGL will thus become our new client for the 3.8 software version. ADMS project for ActewAGL is quite complex since it encompasses all components of our system such as SCADA, DMS, OMS, WOM, Field Client, and many other functionalities. This project will even more strengthen partnership with ActewAGL, open new business opportunities for us and surely reinforce our position on the Australian market.

About ActewAGL

ActewAGL delivers one of the most reliable electricity networks in Australia. ActewAGL is a joint venture comprised of two partnerships, ActewAGL Retail and ActewAGL Distribution – unique in the Australian utilities industry. ActewAGL is both an electricity and gas retailer and distributer based in Canberra. Today over 195,000 residential and business customers are supplied with electricity, along with 145,000 gas customers. Electricity network covers 2,358 square kilometres, while theirs gas mains cover over 4,563 kilometres.