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It is our great pleasure to inform you that on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 6 AM local time, continuous operation of ADMS system in our client Arizona Public Service’s control room in Phoenix, Arizona reached 1000 hours.
This officially closed the final milestone of the first phase of the project – “System Accepted”.
Especially worth mentioning is the fact that in this period, the client, along with our team, completed transition to its new CIS system during which, with on-site support from our team, the system remained fully available and functionally operable.
Detailed planning of the phase 2 of the project is underway. The scope of this phase is introduction of DMS and DSCADA functions in daily operation of APS system.
Our commendations again go to APS project team whose proactivity enabled flawless reaching of this milestone and the client’s smooth transition to the new CIS system.