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It is our pleasure to announce that on Wednesday, January 25, 2016, we successfully performed cutover from the old ABB system to ADMS software 3.5.1 version in Arizona Public Service.
This led our system to GoLive, and from January 25, APS has been using only ADMS for their distribution network management.

Main focus of the project first phase was on OMS subsystem and OMS integrations. This cutover made us successfully replace the old ABB OMS with our OMS on 3.5.1 version. What’s interesting is that we got significant reference in APS for our Mobility Work Force Management product, considering that APS has been using around 65 Field Applications on the field without any difficulties from the first day (this is an approximate number of applications they use in everyday operations).

The client was quite pleased with stable and steady cutover we performed. The system has been in production for two and a half weeks, and so far we have been receiving only positive feedback regarding stability and functioning of the system as a whole.

We have been preparing Switching Management Cutover scheduled for the beginning of May of this year. Everything runs according to the plan and ADMS is expected to become system of record for Switching orders in APS from May 8, 2017.

Such an accomplishment is the result of exceptional effort of teams from different sectors. Congratulations also go to project team for their engagement and proactive approach which made this project become such a success.