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Knoxville –  The CIM standards are very robust, but without compliance and/or interoperability testing they are still open to interpretation. By aligning interpretations of the standard, utilities can get implementations from different vendors in a uniform way, keeping the implementation costs under control. To prove its dedication to the CIM standards, Schneider Electric participated in the CIM Compliance Test Workshop held from 11th to 13th October 2017 in Knoxville, organized by EPRI in conjunction with the CIM Compliance Testing Task Force. The goal was to test the compliance of the IEC standard 61968-100:2013 for Utility Application Integration, and DER group management functions enterprise integration against the IEC 61968-5 CDV Distribution Energy Optimization. EPRI Semantic Test Harness was leveraged for testing against the normative profiles of the listed standards. Schneider Electric becomes the first company with the Certificate of Compliance for both the client and the server side.