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One of the papers that have been published at CIRED is Paper 0362:

Reduction of Power Losses and CO2 emission: Accurate network data to obtain good performances of DMS systems,

By: Giorgio di Lembo, Paola Petroni, Christian Noce, ENEL Distribuzione , Italy

Conclusion in this paper refers to the benefits achieved by using DMS Software in Italy  Distribution Company Enel:

Using the experience of the pilot site in Milan as reference, the steady gain in power losses reduction that is possible to maintain all the year around is about 4%.

In terms of absolute values, starting the year 2011 on ENEL territory in Italy, it is possible to save about 144 GWh/year of energy or corresponding 75.000 t CO2 / year.


Losses reduction (GWh/year)

Energy purchase
costs reduction*
(Eur / year)

ENEL, Italy



* using electric energy average market price of 40 Eur/MWh