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Manchester, UK – After availability period, ENWL Company officially entered SCADA Go Live phase on Wednesday, 24 August 2017Connection with the ENWL Production Legacy SCADA system has been done through ICCP, with the 3.6.1. version of ADMS software. With the entry of SCADA into Go Live, two important milestones were achieved: SAT Complete and Data Migration Complete

About ENWL – Electricity North West 

Electricity North West owns, operates and maintains the North West’s electricity distribution network, connecting 2.4 million properties, and more than 5 million people in the region, to the National Grid. ENWL owns one of the original 14 regulated electricity distribution networks in England, Wales and Scotland and is regulated by Ofgem – the Office of the gas and electricity markets. ENWL network covers a diverse range of terrain, from isolated farms in rural areas such as Cumbria, to areas of heavy industry and urban populations including Manchester.