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ECUADOR – MEER Project last milestone Phase 2, System final acceptance. MEER project, with 3.4.2 ADMS software version, was accepted on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. MEER project began with Phase 1 in 2013 which was successfully finished in May 2016. During 2016, we began with realization of Phase 2. Phase 2, Site Acceptance test, was accepted and signed by the client at the end of July 2016.

After completion of Phase 2 SAT, availability test period began with the duration of 1500 hours. Its realization was interrupted and restarted two times by the client to finally be completed this week.

About MEER

MEER, Ministerio de Electricidad y Energía Renovable – The Ecuador’s distribution network has more than 4.6 million electrical consumers, over 1600 feeders and over 500 substations.