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Schneider Electric DMS is the most meritorious company for Novi Sad becoming the leader in software production, not only in our country and region but throughout the world. Since over 1000 engineers, programmers and developers as well as experts from power engineering and mathematics develop one software in one place, with the desire to maintain quality by obtaining the best professionals, Schneider Electric DMS recruits talents even from elementary schools.

Namely, three years ago, Foundation “Center for Young Talents” began with its work, which the company founded with the aim to develop and present theoretical and practical knowledge in the area of computer science and mathematics to talented young people from elementary and high schools. Two hundred elementary and high school students attend the courses which Center for Young Talents organizes throughout the year.

Cooperation of DMS Company and Faculty of Technical Sciences has begun since the very foundation of the Company and was crowned with formation of the Power Software Engineering study program for educating experts for application of computer sciences in infrastructure systems.

The Company provides scholarships to best students from this and other study programs from their second year of studies and immediately after finishing the studies offers employment to scholarship students.

At the very center of University campus in Novi Sad, Infocenter has been established to direct and inform students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, as well as other Faculties, about the possibility of acquiring practical knowledge in the area of computer sciences, winning scholarships, and opportunities for writing master and doctoral thesis. Likewise, students, Infocenter visitors, have a chance to attend presentations closely related to power distribution management held by engineers of the Company.

Furthermore, twice a week, visitors can see and try out Schneider Electric DMS Software which is officially, five years in a row, proclaimed the best in the world according to American information technology research and advisory company Gartner.

Opening of this Infocenter in the campus of Novi Sad University is one in an array of activities by which Schneider Electric DMS NS contributes to intertwining and cooperation of economy and education.

Infocenter is located on the address Dr Ilije Djuricica 2a, Novi Sad.