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One of the most-watched U.S. miltary microgrid projects being realized in Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS), Miramar in San Diego, an important military base, is getting ready to demonstrate that today’s microgrids are about a whole lot more than just back-up power.
MCAS Miramar made an announcement that the Department of Defense had selected Schneider Electric and Black & Veatch to develop the system for managing military microgrid.
No military microgrid project has received more money from U.S. Congress to date. With $20 million in Congressional funding, the San Diego naval base is building one of the largest military microgid projects involving our company. As such, Miramar is a frequent topic at industry gatherings, especially since release of its solicitation for a microgrid developer about two years ago.
There are some expectations that the money put to use will not only enhance military energy security and critical consumers supply reliability, but will also show what an advanced microgrid offers the larger central grid in regard to increasing the operation economy, reliability and grid stability.
Such work is in keeping with a growing trend within the industry to demonstrate the complex value that advanced microgrids bring to North America’s grid. Early projects focused on reliability; newer iterations continue to do so. But they also are focusing on how microgrid software can puzzle out complex relationships to achieve best economics for microgrid customers and also help the central grid by providing a host of services, including firming renewable energy, local generators and demand response.
Generators used in this project will be technologically varied – from diesel and gas units, through biogas generators and solar panels to the systems for energy storage, demand response and fast load shedding support. Modern software in connection with new equipment being installed by Schneider Electric and Black & Veatch should smooth out the incidents in the grid caused by load and renewables variability.
Within the basic scopes of the project are enabling of the base’s stable operation in outage circumstances, voltage and frequency control as well as economically optimal expolitation in the mode of correlated central grid operation.
Intelligent microgrid controller developed by our company Schneider Electric DMS NS will offer all the required capabilities including additional functions we offered during the solicitation that will open a door for us and enable further professional advancement and promotion of the engineers working in our company.