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SEDMS was attending DTech event is San Diego, TX from 29-31.01.2013. It was very successful event for SEDMS. Among the others world’s leading information technology and power engineering research and development companies, we are very proud to announce that we had one of the most visited booths in the whole event. The number of 52 hours of scheduled presentation of SEDMS software gives the whole picture about SEDMS been one of the most wanted in this event.

During DTech SEDMS had opportunity to present new features of software and to promote projects states. We are very proud to announce that many of projects are in Go live stage.

During the event, a lot of worldwide known companies came to the SEDMS booth. Focus on presentations was on new power applications. Potential customers received very detailed presentations about the functions necessary for them and we hope that our potential clients will make the right decisions in choosing the best vendor. Also our present customers came to see new software features with focus on new power application which they plan to install as the extension of current software releases that they have. SEDMS also had the guests from advisory companies. As the result of hard work and dedication to make the best software solution for managing power network, we are very happy to share with our potential and current customers, partners and competition Gartner’s report. We are second year in row in Strongly Positive column in Gartner’s report and hope to improve our work to even higher levels. Thanks to all which are supporting us in reaching our goals.