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France, Sicae De La Somme Et Du Cambraisis officially accepted the last project milestone “SAT acceptance” on Friday, 24 November 2017. Accepting this milestone means fulfilment of all the contractual obligations, allowing the commencement of 12-month Warranty Period. During the SAT, the client expressed its satisfaction with the delivered solution and cooperation with our company. They also showed an interest in furthering the cooperation and extension of the scope in the future. At the moment, key functionalities in this project are: VVO (wind farm management), GIS Integration and SCADA Customizations.

About Sicae De La Somme Et Du Cambraisis

SICAE (Sociétés d’Intérêt Collectif Agricole d’Electricité) were created after the World War I with the aim of taking charge of the electrification of rural areas. Sicae De La Somme Et Du Cambraisis itself supplies more than 28,000 customers distributed in 185 municipalities. The objective of Sicae De La Somme Et Du Cambraisis is to provide a set of services in rural areas, equivalent or even complementary to those the inhabitants and industrialists in urban areas can benefit from. Sicae De La Somme Et Du Cambraisis makes every effort to ensure public service entrusted to it in the best possible way. Ultimately, its mission is distribution of electricity to the entire population under all circumstances.