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In a March 21, 2012 Gartner report* examining nine global smart grid providers, Telvent received a “strong positive”, the highest rating possible, after evaluation of its ADMS solution.

“Telvent’s product suite creates an industry benchmark from a functional viewpoint. In addition, it is one of the only vendors with a majority of ADMS functions running in production — including at its largest implementation site, Enel (Italy), which has 32 million customers. After gaining significant market traction in 2010 (by signing 12 new contracts — the largest number of contracts among evaluated ADMSs) Telvent continued that momentum by signing 16 new clients representing 15 million meters in the past 12 months.”

*Gartner, Inc., MarketScope for Advanced Distribution Management Systems, Randy Rhodes, Zarko Sumic, March 21, 2012.