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Telvent announced that Cluj-Napoca City has selected Telvent to install the first distribution management system (DMS) for a medium voltage network in Romania. To assist with the project, Telvent will work with its Romanian partner, EnergoBit, to complete the modernization of more than 60 transformer substations with Saitel smart remote terminal units (SRTU).

With the integration of an advanced DMS and SRTU technology, Cluj-Napoca City will take another step towards a smarter grid while increasing the efficiency of its operations, reducing operational expenditures and improving customer service satisfaction.

To provide complete functionality for the planning, operation and analysis of the distribution system, Telvent DMS will be installed at the dispatching center and will interface with the existing supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), OASyS DNA. Telvent DMS allows the user to visualize a mathematical model of any distribution network, including detailed models for voltage management, microgeneration, frequency variation, demand response and other smart grid management functions. The Telvent DMS utilizes a built-in advanced analytics engine which helps utilities make better decisions and achieve greater operational efficiencies with its existing assets.