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Trefor confirmed successful implementation of the “Operating Agreement Trial Run Period” on Friday, December 22, 2017. The client is satisfied with the whole handover process and now we are officially in production that should last for at least two years. Trefor’s confirmation that we have passed the Trial Run Period, makes us, for the first time, responsible for monitoring, usual actions and proper operation of the entire ADMS System with the Client, including the hardware on which ADMS runs.

This marks the beginning of the period of Technical Support Services and execution of „Operating Agreement“  (“Managed Service”).

About Trefor

TREFOR is a Danish national energy group. The company retails electricity, gas, broadband services, and household installation and maintenance services across Denmark, as well as combined heat and power (CHP) and water supplies to areas across Jutland and the island of Funen. It has more than 135,000 customers and is based at its headquarters, in Kolding, Denmark. The company actively participates in the development of future climate-friendly energy technologies – including wind production, electric vehicles, and fuel cells – and welfare technology solutions.