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On Friday, 2 December, Viesgo (E.ON) officially accepted Go Live milestone and ADMS system is officially in operation in Santanderu. This is the first EMS project with ADMS 3.5.1 version that entered Go Live with which we gained significant experience in realization and application of this part of our solution. As product owner for EMS Nemanja Živković pointed out, we have learned a lot on this project – we have seen the significance of tuning process and support tools for this process. We have also identified many points for improvement regarding both design and implementation of EMS functions. This improved our skills, we became more robust and efficient than we were at the beginning. Next to EMS, other important functionalities have been delivered on this project: integration with client Work Order management solution and application of Network Patch on GIS imports. Great commitment and effort made the project team successfully overcome problems and provide successful finalization of the project.