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Who we are

Schneider Electric DMS NS LLC is a unique research and development company for Smart GRID solutions. It is specially devoted to development and delivery of its main product, Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). ADMS is the most advanced software system in the World for performing all technical tasks in distribution utilities in an efficient and optimal way which fulfils modern power industry development requirements worldwide.

We are the part of Schneider Electric

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Our vision inspires us to become a:

Global driver and creator of new and advanced Smart GRID IT/OT solutions

World leader in development and delivery of Smart GRID IT/OT solutions worldwide

Synonym for a company that constantly sets new world-wide IT/OT standards both in the area of solutions and the field of work and operation, and which not only introduces new habits and trends, but also anticipates and creates them

Synonym for a company that understands the present and creates solutions for the time to come.

Our mission

Our mission is based on continuous progress and education of employees. We are proud of the team of young experts who with their knowledge and skills succeed in achieving their goals and who set a good basis for further work and new solutions. We believe that we can provide all the necessary prerequisites and mechanisms for creating and implementing an ecient Smart GRID solutions in electric power companies and for Smart GRID IT/OT transformation of power companies by improving company technologies in order to realize an integrated, scalable, ecient and expandable open flexible solution with superior performances, increased security, and high reliability.

Company Story

Working at Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric DMS NS is the largest IT company in Serbia which employs 1000 top experts who work on the development and ecient delivery of approximately 40 new projects around the world for clients who successfully use this Serbian product to optimize the operation of their power distribution networks on a daily basis.

We are driven by our meaningful purpose to bring energy and efficiency to enable life, progress and sustainability for all. Along the way, we create and provide equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere. We continuously create and inclusive environment and welcome people from all walks of life. We are empowered to do our best and innovate, while living our unique life and work. Together, we dare to disrupt and turn our bold ideas into reality.

Why Schneider Electric?

Our mission is to bring energy and efficiency to enable life, progress and sustainability for all.
We pioneer digitization and transformation of energy and processes and turn the bold ideas of our customers into reality.
We adhere to the highest standards of governance and ethics.

We want to be the most diverse, inclusive and equitable company, globally.
We value differences, and welcome people from all walks of life.
We believe in equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

Freedom breeds innovation.
We believe that empowerment generates high performance, personal fulfillment and fun.
We empower our people to use their judgment, do the best for our customers, and make the most of their energy.